Sunday, December 18, 2005

Celebrating two months

This is Andrew after his first night of being babysat. It seems he faired rather well!!
I'm not so certain that the babysitter felt the same content that Andrew felt.

Andrew and Michael often enjoy napping together. I think Michael enjoys it much more than Andrew. He doesn't know just how valuable sleep is to us!!

Andrew's blessing was on Thanksgiving Day at the house of some dear friends of ours. I was quite weepy that morning as I dressed him. . .and so was Andrew. It was a wonderful day!

Andrew and I took our first trip on an airplane the second week of December. We flew to see G&G Cowser and my sister and her family. The cousins loved the new baby.

And Andrew loved them!!

We can hardly believe he has been with us for two months. What a beautiful boy.

In the last two weeks, Andrew has loved standing. . . we pray that he won't start moving too fast. The apartment has not been baby-proofed yet.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.
We love you,

Andrew, Michael, and Jen