Friday, September 21, 2007

Sergi Farms

A friend of mine, Jennie Preece, and I headed to Sergi Farms last Friday for a morning adventure with the children. (Trust me, it's always an adventure going out together. Jennie has twin girls a month younger than Jacob. Two tired moms vs. 5 very busy children!) This farm was a darling little place that allowed you to pick flowers and pumpkins. Andrew had no desire to do either. He preferred picking up rocks among the flowers and putting them into the tractor's bed. And didn't even make it to the pumpkin patch because he was to busy riding the tractor! I couldn't get him off. He loved it!!

Doesn't he look like he's born to live on a farm?

As always, Jacob enjoyed hanging out in the stroller--watching Andrew run around. What a doll!
This is Jennie, she is definitely a hero of mine. She is with her son Carter and one of the twins. Bless her heart, there isn't anything that holds her back!

Classic Cambridge

I was on my way home from a run this week and I ran past this car. I had to go back to take a picture of it. Classic!! This is one of the reasons I love where we live so much. I bet they don't have bicycle crusades in Colorado Springs, or Zombie night in Phoenix, or even men in dragon suits riding their skateboards in Houston--we have it all here! Cambridge is full of eclectic people and personalities and I guess cars too. There is never a lack of entertainment when you walk down the street.

My heart goes out to all single mothers--or mothers who feel single

Michael has been working--let me correct myself--living in his office for the last 11 weeks. He is on a case that is preparing for trial and they have a really tight deadline, so he's been working insane hours for almost 3 months--into the office by 9ish and home after midnight, one or two. And although my little boys are IcREdIBlE, I am worn. I feel like I am being held together with just a few brittle strands of thread. Thanks to those of you who have been gracious enough to catch a few of my tears as they have fallen on your shoulder. It's been hard. I know there are women out there whose husbands do this on a regular basis, so my question is how? How do women do this without the help of their husbands? Just the few hours a day that Michael is usually home to help me is enough to get me through the routine of a week.

Last month I resigned from my position in the Medical ICU at Brigham and Womens Hospital. We have so much uncertainty in our lives in the upcoming months that it didn't make sense to go back after maternity leave. As difficult as it was to come to the decision that I should postpone working for a little while, can hardly imagine how difficult it would be for me to leave my children during these last few months that Michael has been MIA.

On the brighter side of things, I am so grateful that I have the luxury of staying home with my boys.

How do you know when you've completely given your heart away?

I really think I've lost mine . . . just look at them. They just make me melt everyday. Jacob is SO content with everything in life, I feel so blessed to have him in our family. He has a great routine and he is just so incredibly happy. Andrew is in to everything! His personality is charming and easy. He is learning by leaps and bounds and sometimes I just wonder if I am going to be able to teach him as much as he needs to know. I'm thankful that Michael is my partner in parenting--he seems to know a whole lot about everything.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Long and lean

Neither of us are tall individuals. But both of our boys are in the 97th percentile for height. I just took Jacob for his 4 month appointment at month late--oops! He was 27 and 3/4 inches long! Two feet and 3.75 inches might not seem very big, but it is for a 5 month old. He weighed in at 15 lbs and 15 oz. Only in the 45th percentile for weight. We are really grateful for a few nice traits in our gene pool. Keep growing Jacob!

One, Two, One

Little did I know, but the number one comes after two . . . and before two! Try as we might, Andrew refuses to believe us that the number three is involved in the counting process. This illusive number has graced Andrew's vocabulary once or twice, but usually, one precedes and follows two. I am betting that there will be a day that Andrew realizes that we aren't just pulling his chain and we'll be able to count as high as four or five . . .

In the mean time, we'll enjoy: one, two, one.

It's not always as smooth as it seems

The danger with blogging is that everything always looks and sounds so perfect. Just so you know, we still experience temper tantrums, days with no nap times, diaper rashes on both bottoms (just the boys!), nights when Michael is stuck at the office (come to think of it, when is he ever home?), chicken nuggets every night for dinner--because mama is too tired to make anything else--plenty of screaming during the bewitching hours before bedtime and lots of ice cream to get us through the day! We have ups and downs everyday, but by the end of the night, after the kids are tucked into bed . . . all is well and I am so grateful for my crazy life. Here's to motherhood. It's the hardest thing I'll ever do, but I'd be willing to be my life on it . . .It's the most rewarding thing I'll ever do as well.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Growing up in a family of four girls, I never even imagined that having boys would be so much fun. Andrew and Jacob fill our lives everyday with adventure and laughter.


Newport, Rhode Island

Pictures on the cliff walk . . .

Whenever we can steal away a day to head down to Newport we do. It just doesn't come as frequently as we'd like.
I headed down with the boys and a few friends last Monday while Michael was at work. (He has been literally living at the office for the last 6 weeks. I think he's contemplating renting out his part of the apartment to make a little extra money! I hope the new roomie won't mind the kids things everywhere!) We have a few ties to RI that encourage us to keep returning--Michael was born in a darling little hospital in the heart of Newport, and his family spent several of their early years of marriage living here.
Newport is home to many beauitful mansions. Wikipedia informed me that: "Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, wealthy southern planters seeking to escape the heat began to build "summer cottages" on Bellevue Avenue. Later other wealthier families joined the area--the Wetmore family, the Vanderbilts, and the Astors to name a few." These "cottages" are my kind of vacation home!!

Pictures of the ocean and the Breakers ( the Vanderbilt cottage) . . .

Sunset in Portsmouth . . . how could you not fall in love with this place!!