Friday, September 21, 2007

Sergi Farms

A friend of mine, Jennie Preece, and I headed to Sergi Farms last Friday for a morning adventure with the children. (Trust me, it's always an adventure going out together. Jennie has twin girls a month younger than Jacob. Two tired moms vs. 5 very busy children!) This farm was a darling little place that allowed you to pick flowers and pumpkins. Andrew had no desire to do either. He preferred picking up rocks among the flowers and putting them into the tractor's bed. And didn't even make it to the pumpkin patch because he was to busy riding the tractor! I couldn't get him off. He loved it!!

Doesn't he look like he's born to live on a farm?

As always, Jacob enjoyed hanging out in the stroller--watching Andrew run around. What a doll!
This is Jennie, she is definitely a hero of mine. She is with her son Carter and one of the twins. Bless her heart, there isn't anything that holds her back!


Mimi said...

I am so glad you are able to get out with friends. I know it can be crazy but it can also be sanity.

the smoots said...

How fun! 5 kids vs. 2 moms? I knew you could handle it. Andrew's adorable!