Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Colorado

We spend Christmas in Colorado with my family this year. We stayed at my older sister Danielle's home. It was such a blast. The picture above has her girls: Talise (8) (baptized while we were there), Renee (6), and our little miracle Macie (8 months). Andrew and Jacob absolutely adore their cousins. After overstaying our welcome at their home for two weeks, my children still hadn't had their fill of cousin time. What a great Christmas!

Andrew made this gift for me and Michael and called it "The best Christmas Present EVER!" We are grateful for the technology these days to save this present digitally. It didn't quite make it home in one piece in our luggage.

Family Photo on campus. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I absolutely LOVE dancing. And I love Christmas time. But, I love even more that these two things became a standard weekend celebration for several weeks in a row. We had holiday party after holiday party for three weeks. By the end of the third Christmas (dinner/dancing) party I was warn out - we even left early because we were so tired. Lame, but true.

These pictures are from the Harvard Business School's annual Holidazzle. We were sorely over charged for an open-bar event but it was SO worth every penny. We danced until 2 in the morning. I almost forgot that I had to get up with children the next morning!

Most of these people are from Michael's section. The school splits the 900 students into 10 sections - named after letters in the alphabet. Michael was proud to be placed into section H. H is brimming with incredible people full of personality and talent. It has been such a blast for Michael to get to know these classmates. We loved spending the evening with them. It was the best date we had all year!

A special thanks to Andrew for helping me to get ready for my date with papa. I love you little guy!