Sunday, April 22, 2007

1 YEAR OLD!!! We have arrived!

He made it!! One year has come and gone and he has survived. Grandma Cowser came out to celebrate the one year mark. The Smiths and Catherine were just here . . . but sadly they had to leave before the big celebration.

We invited almost everyone we knew and they all came! I think Andrew was a little overwhelmed, but loved the cake.

We feel so blessed to have Andrew in our home. This last year has been so fulfilling.

Now we get messy!

Andrew is getting really good at reaching things on the counter in the kitchen. When he was 11 months he grabbed at a plum and dug into it. Several days later I found him with an apple. I think I'm going to need to keep a close eye on this little one!

Near the beginning of October, Michael was asked to recruit for his company at BYU. We flew to Utah and were lucky enough to stay at the Grand America Hotel for several nights--during conference weekend--on the company! What a blast. The weather was perfect and the pool was still open!

Lake Shasta And California

What an adventure!! We went to California for two weeks to vacation with the Smiths. Andrew loved the water and sun. We spent a week on one of two houseboats with three families. It was a blast.

Andrew at 9 months

We spend the majority of our time in the highchair eating. Andrew LOVES food. He's not into the really messy stage yet, but we'll get there soon!

We're getting ready for an evening out at the Boston Common. Every year they do a free production of Shakespeare in the park!

Crawling so fast

Within one week of each other, Andrew went from crawling to standing. Right after he discovered he could crawl, he pulled himself up in his crib. We'd love for him to slow down just a little . . .we aren't ready for him to walk just yet!

Colorado Springs in May

We are constantly amazed how quickly he grows. His first tooth broke through last month, and he's up on his hands and knees threatening to crawl. We think he's a genius! In May we flew out to Colorado for a Cowser family trip. We had a great time with the cousins and grandparents!

April 2006

We headed down to Texas in April to see the Keysers and Jen's Grandparents. The weather was wonderful and Andrew loved the ice cream at the Bluebell factory!