Thursday, August 30, 2007

A lot has happened in the last 10 years!

It hardly seems possible that ten years have come and gone since I graduated from High School. This was my best friend from school, Emily Hackett (Freeman).
I had the most wonderful time traveling back to San Antonio, more specifically Schertz, Texas for my reunion. I was flooded with nostalgia as I drove through this little cowboy town. I had so many precious memories return as I visited my old home, church building, friends homes, the military base, etc.--some memories I was grateful to leave behind--but more often that not, I really cherished my time in Texas.
Texas was wonderful in 1997-- and it still is!! The sky is never ending, the stars are innumerable, the Tex-Mex is amazing, the Cowboys are darling, the music is heartwarming, the football rocks, and the pride is contagious! I miss the Lone Star State. God Bless Texas!

Plum Island Beach

We've lived in Boston for three years by now and this was the FIRST time we visited the beached in Massachusetts. How embarrassing! We went with the Harts, a family from our ward, and had a wonderful time with the kiddos.

This picture made me fall in love with Michael all over again!! He loves time with the boys . . . but it's been rare the last few weeks. Work has been consuming all of his time. We feel lucky that he was able to join us for this day trip before things got hectic.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New York, New York

There is something so enchanting about NYC! Michael and I took a weekend away from the boys and drove to New York the first weekend in July. We had an incredible time! I think I had forgotten how it felt to have a conversation without being interrupted. And since we ALWAYS have a child in our arms or are pushing a stroller, our hands are always occupied. It was so nice to hold hands and walk down the street again!

Friday afternoon we met a friend for lunch, other friends for dinner, tried to get into a show, and enjoyed dessert at the Mandarin Hotel. Saturday morning went running in Central Park, met friends for brunch, dinner and salsa dancing. The weekend was packed. It was so rejuvenating to be without children, but by the end of the weekend we were ready to come home.

Grand Old Flag

We celebrated our country's Independence like most Americans . . . we decided to pull out the tie-dye, make the famous flag cake, and gorge ourselves--like every holiday!
This year was the first year we've celebrated the 4th in Boston. We've been pulled away for the last two years, but were grateful to be home. We are so blessed to be in this country and enjoy so many freedoms. I am thankful for a day dedicated to remembering our forefathers and the sacrifices they rendered in our behalf.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oxford Park

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about living in Cambridge is the parks. I think--without exaggerating--that there are at least 30 parks in a one mile radius from my home. Andrew loves going to play . . . and Jacob loves to watch. While playing at the park, Andrew is usually so overwhelmed by all of the possibilities for having fun that he wears a dazed expression! (see picture #2)

Mourning Mornings

Jacob usually wakes up really early in the morning to eat. As soon as I can, I lay him back down and try to fall asleep for the last precious moments before my day is really forced to begin: when I hear Andrew jumping in his bed and calling out "Mama, Mama". It really is rather cute. But I do appreciate my sleep these days.

Thankfully, Michael has been a HUGE help easing me into our daily routines. If he has time in the morning, he'll get up with Andrew so I can drift off for a few more moments. The other morning, I woke up and found them reading. It doesn't get much better than this!


We love socks around our house. There is no lack of desire to find a really good pair of socks and snuggle them right on to your feet. Andrew has learned at a very young age to appreciate this Smith family tradition.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Slight obsession

I was completely wrong. I had been warned about possible jealousy issues that older siblings have toward younger siblings when they are born. I think that thought was lost on Andrew. Maybe he was too young to catch on but, Andrew LOVES his little brother. It could even be considered a slight obsession. He loves to be everywhere Jacob is and everywhere that Jacob has been.

watching jacob grow

I have bittersweet feelings as I watch Jacob grow so quickly. Alright, he's only two months in these pictures, but I honestly have NO idea where the time went. He's already two months! I regret that I don't have time for the one-on-one attention with him that I had with Andrew, but I also feel heartache as I tell Andrew that I don't have time to read another story because I have to take care of Jacob. I wish I had all the time in the world to dote on both of my boys the way I would if they were an only child.
Jacob has the sweetest personality. I couldn't imagine a more perfect second child! I think Andrew and Jacob are going to be the best of friends.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What would you have decided?

The Smith family had a trip planned to Hawaii at the end of May. Jacob was 7 weeks old. Andrew 18 months.
There were several pros and cons for making the journey across 6 time zones with two lap children!
In the end the only reality that I could base my decision on was this: we could be tired parents in Hawaii or in Boston. We chose Hawaii--and I think it was totally worth it. We had a wonderful time with the family. You wouldn't ever know by the pictures that Jacob was around. But, believe me, he was! Sleeping. Everywhere we went. This is one of the HUGE reasons that I LOVE newborns.

We didn't make it out very far to explore the Island. But we managed to make it to the pool! Everyday. Several times a day. Andrew loved it. And so did I.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Indroducing Jacob Porter Smith

He has finally arrived and we are thrilled! Born April 6, 2007 at 10:57pm. Labor was long and hard . . .

If you look closely at Jacob's face, you will notice that he has scabs on his cheeks. Not only was he "sunny-side up", but he was positioned to be delivered nose first! I was in full hard labor for 31 hours . . . there is a reason why it is best to deliver children skull first--it helps things to move along a little faster! His little face got the raw end of the deal. Both Michael and I cried when he was finally born. He looked like he had just survived a battle. We will spare you pictures of the first few hours of his life. I still have a difficult time looking at them. They really were terrible!

I am amazed how Andrew seemed to grow up overnight! He seems ready to be a big brother.

Thanks Danni for coming to our rescue! We don't know what we would have done without you!

Expecting Jacob

So, as you view my blog, you will notice that the post date does not correspond with the pictures. I have been at least a year behind in updating my pictures. I didn't realize just how many people have been counting on me to update the blog and I regret that I have sorely disappointed a few. My apologies! I have good intentions to catch up . . .

I've been on the fast track lately with a few bumps in the road, but you may have noticed that Andrew has really grown up in the last few weeks. Most children don't age quite so rapidly, but we've always thought Andrew to be quite advanced!

I had my friend, Jess McDaniels, take these pictures a few weeks before Jacob was born. Revisiting the memory makes me SO grateful that I am no longer pregnant and that I am 37 pounds lighter! Pregnancy sure does a number on my body. I remember feeling so torn between wanting to have Jacob born (so I would no longer be pregnant) and not wanting to become responsible for two children. I remember praying so hard that I might be able to enjoy both outcomes . . .