Friday, August 17, 2007

What would you have decided?

The Smith family had a trip planned to Hawaii at the end of May. Jacob was 7 weeks old. Andrew 18 months.
There were several pros and cons for making the journey across 6 time zones with two lap children!
In the end the only reality that I could base my decision on was this: we could be tired parents in Hawaii or in Boston. We chose Hawaii--and I think it was totally worth it. We had a wonderful time with the family. You wouldn't ever know by the pictures that Jacob was around. But, believe me, he was! Sleeping. Everywhere we went. This is one of the HUGE reasons that I LOVE newborns.

We didn't make it out very far to explore the Island. But we managed to make it to the pool! Everyday. Several times a day. Andrew loved it. And so did I.

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