Friday, September 21, 2007

How do you know when you've completely given your heart away?

I really think I've lost mine . . . just look at them. They just make me melt everyday. Jacob is SO content with everything in life, I feel so blessed to have him in our family. He has a great routine and he is just so incredibly happy. Andrew is in to everything! His personality is charming and easy. He is learning by leaps and bounds and sometimes I just wonder if I am going to be able to teach him as much as he needs to know. I'm thankful that Michael is my partner in parenting--he seems to know a whole lot about everything.


TheMartinFamily said...

Tell Jacob that we love puppies too! Keep up the blogging, Jen. We feel like neighbors again. It has been so nice to keep in touch with your daily lives.

the smoots said...

So adorable. I love your boys!! You are such a sweet mother to them, too. Thanks for the update!! As you know, I've been waiting!

Miss you!

Ada Bowler said...

Oh they are SO cute! I wish I could just pop in for a visit! Love and miss you!