Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm terrible

I've always been terrible at journaling. I was hoping that this blog would prove an easier way for me to journal what I am doing with my time. But, being pregnant and running after a VERY active Andrew has stolen all of my free moments. As I have looked back through the last few blurry months, I realized that I have taken very few pictures of Andrew. He is learning so much and is in to everything! I have a sinking suspicion that this behavior will only develop.

Andrew loves reading.

Loves helping with the laundry.

Loves emailing.

Loves black beans!

And loves milk! I had just brought in a load of groceries
from Costco and he attacked this gallon.

1 comment:

The Keysers said...

I just looked at Andrew's picture with the milk and think you need one of Michael dumping the gallons of milk on the floor right beside it.