Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enchanting isn't it?

We've lived in Boston for over three years now. Time has passed so quickly. We have loved our time here in Cambridge and hope that we will be here for several more years. Michael is in the process of applying to Business Schools and there are a few good ones here in town, so here's to hoping. If you haven't made it out here, you really should. If you have ventured this far east, come again! These are a few of my favorite views:

The Charles River

The Back Bay portion of downtown--Michael's building has the glowing dome

John Hancock tower in downtown Boston

The famous Citgo sign

Moonlit evening on Commonwealth Ave.

This is our street: Newport Road


Kristen said...

Dan is getting really excited to apply to MIT. He has been trying to figure out his next move for a while now feeling like he needs to get moving with things, so now that he has decided to start the process, it is all very exciting. I am nervous though if we decide to move out there, but also very excited to be near will be a few years coming though!

the smoots said...

Hey! Looks like you figured out that new camera! These shots are beautiful - especially the night skyline. Wow. You're a pro!

callie & steve said...

i love these pictures! i just love the east coast! when will you guys be going to b school? we're hoping for this next fall...our top being UVA...but we really just want to be in the east. that would be so fun to be near you guys!

April said...

I love going on your blog, because it always has fun music. Without fail it brings me back to roommate days when you would put on some song super loud and go singing and dancing around the apartment. Always, such a romantic. I love it. Your boys are so so cute too.

Good luck with Business schools.

Monica said...

It really looks like a beautiful city. I would love to see Boston and the rest of the east coast at some point. I really want to go while my sister lives out there, but life is just too busy right now to squeeze in a trip like that. Maybe someday.

The Stubben Family said...

It is enchanting! I was planning another trip up there like I did last fall before life handed me something else for this fall, :-) but hopefully this time next year I could come visit my "sorority sisters". I love you Jen and think about you all a lot. I hope you and Michael are doing well during this very busy time at work. You are such an amazing person, mom and friend. love always, Catie

Ali Howell said...

What beautiful pictures...those are the views that made me love boston. Thank you for letting us come visit. We really enjoyed our time with you and the boys. If we are ever back in boston i will be sure Jared sees that same side of the city. Thank you for making us feel so welcome!

Ada Bowler said...

Looks lovely! We definately need to get to Boston soon! love and miss you! xoxA

The Dunne's said...

Truly enchanting! And so is your cute family!