Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Make way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Robert Mcloskey. First published in 1941 , the book tells the story of a pair of mallard ducks who decide to raise their family on an island in the lagoon in Boston Public Garden, a park in the center of Boston, Massachusetts.

Make Way for Ducklings won the 1942 Caldecott Medal for McCloskey's illustrations, executed in charcoal then lithographed on zinc plates. As of 2003, the book had sold over two million copies. The book's popularity led to the construction of a statue in the Public Garden of the mother duck and her eight ducklings, which is a popular destination for children and adults alike. The book is also the official children's book of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Praise for the book is still high over sixty years since its first publication, mainly for the enhancing illustrations and effective pacing. It was criticized for having a loose plot, however, as well as poor characterization. The book is extremely popular worldwide. The city of Boston, where the story is set, as well as Novodevichy Park, Moscow, have both built small statues based on the story.

. . . just a tid bit of information on this book from wikipedia.

While my parents were in town, and after Thanksgiving, we finally journeyed out on the town. Andrew loved the ducklings. In fact, I've spared you from the pictures where he is fighting out other children (twice his age) for a ride on the ducks!

We also took a few family pictures in Beacon Hill for our Christmas card . . . just a preview in case it takes me weeks to get these cards out. In that case, they will be New Year's cards.

This picture is of the side of Beacon Hill. It is such a gorgeous part of town that runs right along side the Boston Common and Public Garden.


Ada Bowler said...

One of our favorite books since I was little. What a darling family you are! Hope we get to see you sometime soon! love and miss you!

the smoots said...

gotta love "make way..." Andrew looks so cute playing with the ducks! You are GREAT as well. I can't wait for the christmas card!