Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday my precious Jacob

We celebrated Jacob's birthday with Michael's section again, so this was my attempt at making a carousel cake that fed more than 90 people. In fact, we had three pieces left at the end. The bottom layer is a double 16 inch round cake that took 4 cake mixes and the carousel on top took another two.

Jacob loved blowing out his candles, but several section mates loved helping!

I adore my little Jacob. He is just so darling, kind hearted, and precious. I am so thrilled that he came into our family . . . I'm even grateful now that he came sooner that we expected! It has been a wonderful 2 years. Happy Birthday sweet little boy.


Ashlee said...

Oh sweet Jacob!!! What a fabulous cake. I am so impressed. That is great you shared it with Michael's section. Sounds fun! We sured enjoyed Michael's visit last month. He is great!!! We really need to be neighbors someday, we just love ya guys.

Kristy said...

Awesome work on the cake.