Friday, March 06, 2009

A weekend of pure JOY

This is my friend Catie, her husband Steve, and her beautiful children. She has been battling cancer for almost two years and we all missed her so much that eight of her college roommates decided to fly to North Carolina to be with her for the weekend. It was a miracle that we could all find a weekend that worked out for the nine of us!

We were giddy when we all showed up at her doorstep. Words can hardly describe how wonderful it felt to be back with my dearest friends. Obviously, during chemotherapy Catie's hair fell out, so she gave us all matching hat so we could all keep our heads warm through the winter the same way that she did.
We all filled out a 10 year time-line to track all that has happened since we left each other in college. I loved seeing what everyone had accomplished in such a short amount of time. While many of us have kept in close touch over the years, it was great to rekindle our relationships together.

Catie exudes joy. She is so full of hope and light. Her laughter filled us up all weekend.

We went out to lunch together one of the afternoons and then to Duke Gardens. We could barely get anything done all weekend because we were talking and laughing so much.

Courtside 304 Girls
Courtside 302 Girls
Sorority Sisters

The entire weekend was incredible. Indescribable. and Perfect. We love you Catie!

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Catie said...

I love you too Jen! I love all of you girls. My life would not be the same without each of you. With each note, email, call, and prayer you all help me to keep fighting. Thank you.