Thursday, October 27, 2005

Andrew Michael victorious

In the heated naming battle, "Andrew Michael Smith" came away the winner leaving many fine options available for future children. The losers are adjusting to the change.

In the meantime, more pictures:

Here, Andrew shows his pensive side as he ponders whether he might eat, sleep, or soil his diaper next.

It looks like sleeping won.

He awakes. How are his feet?

They look fine.

"Thanks for checking in. Stop by anytime." - Andrew


Julia Elvarado said...

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Jonathan & Jeni said...

We sure don't think little Andrew is ready for a PSP Solar Charger, but maybe someday! For now, he'll have to anjoy a nice warm greeting from the two of us in Charleston, SC. His pictures are adorable and we hope to see him in person some time soon. We send our love and best health to the new Smith family.