Friday, October 21, 2005

The Still Unnamed Son

Here he is!

But first, here we are after 30 hours of laboring at the hospital. Jen looks great and I look hammered.

Activities upon arrival include getting his weight, resting with Mommy, and counting all of his toes.

Is this one a smile?

Tired already. Too much smiling.

Hello, Grandma.

Here it is time to finally leave the hospital. Not a bad place to start a life. I look good in this.


Matt said...

we came, we saw, we admired, we loved, we counted the toes and ANDREW looks great.

grandma smith, cousin matt and cousin tres

catherine & Jon said...

You have a very cute baby. I like the picture of him stretching out his arms while wearing that very cute hat. I think you need a picture of the dad (Michael) holding baby WARTON. We love you!
- Catherine and Jon

Dayley Family said...

We not only came and saw, we held, kissed and cuddled. Sarah is a big fan of her little cousin DEBBIE and he is darling. The parents look a little worn, however. Already looking forward to the next time we get to see the Boston Smiths!

- Kristen, Marlowe and Sarah

Alicia & Aaron said...

He looks like he belongs & SO CUTE!!! Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and look forward to seeing you again so you can meet Aaron in person.

-Lish & Aaron