Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rhode Island--Our second home

The Newport Marriott in Rhode Island is almost our second home! We love visiting this little state--Michael's birthplace and a favorite of mom and dad Smith. While they were here for a long weekend we took a few days off from our crazy life and drove south.

Andrew loved being with his dad for several days straight. It was really refreshing to have the family together again. We ate, sailed, ate, walked along the cliffs, ate, and then had dessert! I love when vacations revolve around one great meal after the next.

Here are a few snapshots of our trip:

This chariot is the only way that I survive in the city. It's called a Phil and Ted--love it!!!

This was the biggest lobster I have ever seen! It was at least 2 feet long.


Regan said...

I loved Newport (Kristy and I drove down when I came to visit FOREVER ago)... it's so beautiful... I actually have a Newport sign I bought in a little shop there on a shelf in my living room. Your pictures are darling... if I had to pick... I'd say the close-up of Michael is my fav... When's your next trip to the West Coast? I'm waiting...

callie & steve said...

i love newport! i lived there for a summer with my brother...looks like you had a blast....and fresh, east coast lobster sounds oh so delicious right now