Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hampshire House 2008

In honor of my dear friend Catie Stubben, who is still battling cancer, decided that I wanted to host another party at the Hampshire House to raise funds for basic cancer research for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. So in September I applied to run with the Dana Farber team in the Boston Marathon again and was accepted! Overwhelmed by the thought of training for another marathon and planning another fundraiser, I decided to do things a little differently this time around. I was going to work on just the fundraiser and then work on the training. Last time, I had begun my training in September and threw the party in November and for three solid months my entire life revolved around this endeavor. Splitting this up this time around has helped keep the rest of my life a little more balanced.

Invitations went out and RSVP's trickled in until the event. We hosted around 60 friends for an evening of dinner and dancing. The Hampshire House was decorated so nicely and the food was delicious. Our DJ, Reggie, was amazing. We raised over $5,000 that night toward our goal of $9,000. I couldn't have asked for things to go more smoothly. We had such a blast!

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Tricia said...

You really are an amazing woman Jenn! Running marathons. . . hosting fabulous parties. . . cleaning up baby powder. . .