Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Hallow Park and Zoo in San Jose, CA

Happy Hallow was a lame attempt to be a park or zoo, but it was totally worth going to see my dear college friend Mandy Watkins and her darling children. Andrew loved the petting part of the 5 species "zoo", Jacob didn't mind the carousel, and of course they all loved the playground. I'm sure we'll make it back to California again this summer, and Happy Hallow might even make our list of destinations. I hope we can meet up again Mandy--we sure miss you!


the smoots said...

So cute. Glad you made the best of the "zoo"!! Looks like the kiddos had fun!

Dave and Mandy said...

Oh, that sad little zoo. My kids were so excited to see lions, tigers and elephants. Still, it was worth the drive to see you guys. How we miss you! Come back soon!

Mimi said...

My kids love this place. It is on our list every time we are out there - but we did know from the beginning that it wasn't a "big zoo". Not that classy but the kids don't care.