Friday, March 28, 2008

Los Gatos Easter Egg Hunt

The week before Easter I took Andrew to the neighboring town's Egg Hunt. Los Gatos really know how to do Easter well. There was a local radio station there filling the air with music, booths with games and toys, a pony ride, a petting "zoo" and of course, the candy eggs. Andrew really had a blast!

I was begging Andrew to look at the camera here . . . but the DJ was way more entertaining!

Unfortunately, if you stop to "smell the roses" in this situation, you lose out the treats! It was amazing how many people showed up for this Egg Hunt. There were thousands and thousands of egg hunters!

Sadly, this is the last set of pictures that I have from our trip to California. It really was a magical time. We are super excited to head back there again this summer . . . we're taking the whole summer off. Michael has been accepted to business school and we're going to enjoy life a little before he's back to the grind stone. So, summer plans include a trip to Sun Valley Idaho to celebrate the Smith's 40th Anniversary (WAY TO GO!), to Colorado to enjoy my sister's baby when she arrives, and to a few places in California. PLUS, if I can convince Michael, we might go on a short trip to Europe without the children.


Mary Pope-Handy said...

What great photos you have on your site! Adorable kids, great landscape shots. And super music too. I'm going to bookmark this one :)

I found your blog via Google alerts for Los Gatos and was happy to see you loved my town's Easter fun. When you return this summer, I hope you'll return to "The Cats" for one of the town's many free musical concerts (there are four series of free concerts now).

We have lots of family in Boston...great town. (Go Pats!)

Best wishes from Los Gatos,
Mary Pope-Handy

jhmorris said...

Congratulations on getting into HBS!!!! You guys will have such a great time, but you know that already. Any chance you're going to UT or TX during this long sumer vacay?
Can't believe how big your chilluns are- ours too. Felicity turned 7 today. Lost her 8th tooth earlier in the week. Honestly, it's kind of sad. I miss the 6 year old Felicity already.

the smoots said...

That's one crazy egg hunt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
John and I will be in Barcelona the end of May and would love to see you if you were able to get over there during that time!!!! Wishful thinking maybe, but it would be great to see you again!
Jenn Howell