Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mustard Flowers in the Vinyard

So there is an immaculately manicured vineyard at the end of Chester Avenue--the street the Smiths live on. I guess the owner of the land plants these beautiful mustard flowers each year to fertilize the land. For weeks we would drive by these blossoms and watch them dance from the breeze. As the weather warmed they blossoms would become so full they looked as if they would burst. In the evenings they would close up again as if they were trying to stay warm. One afternoon, on our way home from the farmer's market, Lonnie and I pulled over to take some pictures of the boys in the flowers. It was a perfect day, as most days in Saratoga are and the colors were so vibrant.
The next week on the way home from church we were all a little heart sick when we saw that the flowers had been plowed under to fertilize the soil. It hadn't dawned on me that they had to be underground in order to nourish the land. So sad. It's a good thing we captured a few moments of their glory!


Johanna said...

Hey Jen,

I was just reading through your old posts, I gotta say you are making me excited to move to SF next month! Beautiful photos, what kind of camera are you using? Good luck settling back into life in Boston!

the smoots said...

Gorgeous! That bright yellow is SO pretty! I'm glad you seized the moment and stopped to capture it... CA is the best!

Mimi said...

You've got to teach me how to take pictures - yours are beautiful!