Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trying not to laugh

So, since we've been in California, we've tried to stay active with our church attendance (smile, wink, wink). There aren't a lot of young families that are able to afford to live in this area, so most of the families in Saratoga are a little older. Usually this chapel drowns in silence during the sacrament services but Andrew is not, nor has he ever been, wonderful at being reverent in church--so this usually makes us a little worried about what might happen when he has the perfect stage on which to entertain the ward. Reverence is something that we are really working tirelessly on, but sometimes he is just so stinking cute it kills me. . .

So for the last three Sundays, he gets really excited for the sacrament- hollering out "bwead" and "watew" when it is being passed out. He loves to stand on the pews and watch as the young men in our congregation reverently pass the sacrament. After all the bread is passed down the rows and the trays are collected the young men file down the isles back to the sacrament table. As he watched these boys quietly walking in a row, he observed in his darling, but very loud voice, "Mama, Choo, Choo, Twain!" I couldn't help myself. Michael and I were cracking up. I love watching him put things together. He really is so bright.

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Kristen said...

That's funny! Heh. I like that.