Monday, February 11, 2008

Lake Berryessa

There isn't anything quite like being on the water. After my 17 mile run, we drove 2 hours up to Lake Berryessa to take the boat out. My knees were a little tender after sitting in the car for so long, but it was worth every minute of the drive once we got up to the lake. Andrew was--out of this world--excited to be able to drive the boat. He didn't want Grandpa's help, but he got it anyway. A two year old-who can't even steer his tricycle-shouldn't have control of such a powerful machine!
California is an amazing place. It is mid-January and we're boating. It was a warm, 60 degree afternoon and it was a perfect day for a little drive around the lake. I am going to look into what it might take to stay here permanently! We need more of this weather in our lives. It's no wonder why north easterners have a wrap for being grouchy people. I was one during the last three winters. They are so cold, hard, and dark. It's a huge challenge not to become cold, hard, and dark yourself! I totally support global warming by 20-30 degrees in the Boston winters. Some days the extra 30 degrees might bring us up from below freezing temperatures! I was truly meant to be a sun-baby.


Mimi said...

I'm sure my dad was in heaven having you guys there to enjoy the boat with him.

the smoots said...

Fun, fun, fun.