Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A week with cousins-and my sisters

We decided to a take a week's vacation, from our two month vacation in California, to Colorado Springs. All of the perfect weather was too much to handle! We felt much more comfortable in the blizzards and freezing wind.
Although the entire last sentence is completely false, we did go to Colorado, and we had a fabulous time. Andrew and Jacob loved being with their cousins and really enjoyed jumping from one set of Grandparents to another.
We were too busy having fun and didn't get as many photos taken as I would have liked, but here are the few we took:
Cousin Tub Time--Jacob (10 months-9 days older than Tyler) Tyler Christensen (10 months)
My sister Kristen Cowser Christensen (25 years) Renee (4 years old -- what a doll!!)

Andrew-quite a doll too. He really loved being included
in the older-cousin-girl-games. Lucky for me I decided to
cut his hair--so he doesn't look like a girl!

Danielle-my much older sister. (She's 11 months
and 2 weeks older than I am.)


the smoots said...

Andrew looks BEAUTIFUL!! We love jewelry at our house... come play!

Melanie said...

Okay, I finally discovered your blog. How come all the girls in your family (including you) are all so pretty? Huh. Lucky. We sure think about you guys a lot, even though we still haven't had a chance to get together forever. (Come to think of it, any time Jonathan's mistaken at church for Michael (every Sunday) we talk about how much we wish we could get together...)

Ada Bowler said...

Oh, I just love those Cowser girls! (And their cute kiddos, too) We will keep Danny in our prayers. Love you!