Friday, February 29, 2008


It was a miracle that both Michael and Lonnie took President's Day off of work. Cheryl and I were in utter amazement. Our husbands . . . who are an awful lot alike . . . tend to work every holiday minus Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

We decided to celebrate by heading down the coast to Monterey. It was just beautiful. On the drive down the rolling hills were a velvet green, the artichoke fields were immaculately manicured, and the ocean was, as it always is, magnificent.

We packed as much as we could in one day: the beach, lunch, the Aquarium, Ghirardelli's Chocolate Parlor, the outlets and In-N-Out in Gilroy on the way back home. Needless to say, we didn't need to eat for days. But, how could you pass up an In-N-Out . . . even if you did just eat an enormous cookie sundae?

There isn't anything as satisfying as Ghirardelli!
(p.s. does anyone else get concerned that Jacob never leaves this stroller?)

Andrew is in an ice cream coma. That's a good place to be!


Regan said...

Soooooo fun! I'm embarrassed to admit that Joel and I have yet to enjoy the Aquarium. We were waiting for Maguire to get a little bigger, but just this weekend, we couldn't get her to peel her eyes off of the DVD 'Blue Planet', so I'm thinking she's about ready. I have to admit... I'm really excited to get together with you tonight and eat some of the same kinds of lovely fish that you probably observed on your adventure "tee" "hee" "hee"

Regan said...

You take beautiful pictures by the way... Michael! Get her that camera already!

Cheri said...

How much longer are you guys in the area? We LOVE the aquarium and realized that one day simply wasn't enough. Your pictures are stunning!

Bonnie in Beantown said...

What a fun trip. My mom lives in Monterey- it's such a pretty place. I'm very jealous of all your warm weather pictures. It snowed again here this last weekend. arggh! Bet you guys can't wait to get back to that.