Friday, February 29, 2008

Lets go fly a kite . . .

Even though it didn't make it to the highest of heights, or up much at all, we sure had fun.

Barefoot in February!! I could be that the weather was so wonderful . . . or that mom forgot the shoes. It may have been a mix of both . . . we'll never know.

All of these pictures are from a darling park out in Mountain View. We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon. I love the picture of three generations of Smith men . . . in order of the most amount of energy! Our hearts will be broken when we have to leave. Thank you so much Lonnie and Cheryl for sharing your home and your hearts with us and our children. We all love you so much.

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my family said...

What great photos and memories! Genevieve had to lean forward and kiss "the babies" as we looked at your blog today. I love it! Thanks for sharing! Love you all!